Photos compliments of Just Pawsitive Photography

mechleysBrenda, Dan & Benji

K9-Connection is a blast, it immediately became our favorite Happy Hour! We love to kick back, have a beer and watch Benji make new friends. It is such a friendly environment and a great way to meet people. We also love that a local charity is supported at each event & often win great prizes!


chrisChris & Bailey

Where else can you and your dog meet other dogs and dog lovers over a beer? And it’s even outdoors and off-leash! I can’t think of a more fun or relaxing environment for me or Bailey. The events are well-attended and professionally done. The sponsors provide treats, a clean up crew and information on great products and services. If you haven’t been to “Beer with your Buddy” you and your dog are missing out!


karenKaren & Jasmine

My dog Jasmine loves to take me for walks and enjoys rides in the car. But on those occasions when I can’t take her with me, she gives me her best puppy dog face and my Catholic guilt takes hold! The K9-connection events are a perfect solution for me and my well behaved & social black lab mix. Jasmine gets to run aroud, investigate new smells, greet new and old dog friends, and helps me meet new people. I also enjoy supporting the featured dog related chartiy at each event and learning about local services and products for my dog. Angie is so great and enthusiastic about her company, the dogs and their humans-you can’t help but have a good time (and Jasmine always falls asleep in the car on the way home.


sarah and friendsLeah & Cocoa, Gentell & Miller

“Beer with your Buddy is a great event! I recommend it to every dog owner that I know. Spending a beautiful summer night on the patio is one of my favorite things and what a bonus to be able to bring your dog! Gone are the days of trying sneak her under the table, hoping the bar, restaraunt, or other patrons don’t mind. Cocoa loves meeting other dogs. I enjoy the laid back feel and always have a great time.”

“K9-Connection provides wonderful events! They are a great way to spend time with your friends, meet new people and bring your four-legged friend along. I don’t feel guilty going out if I have Miller with. He loves to be around people and meet other dogs. I would truely recommend this event to anyone who enjoys getting out and being able to bring their dog. I look forward to many more events with Miller!”


sly'sTammy, Dale, Polo and Abbey

“K9-Connection events have quickly become a favorite night out for me, Polo (the cutest golden retriever ever), my dad, sister, and several friends with their dogs. We enjoy the fun atmosphere, great people we have met and of coarse the doggies! Angie, Tom & Belle are great hosts, we look forward to many more events!”


mariBay, Mari & Louis

“We enjoy socializing with other dog lovers and meeting friendly dogs of all sizes. It is the best place for us to do our three favorite things: drink beer, relax and play with our dog!”


peterPeter, Pearl & Arthur

“Pearl, my long haired chihuahua, tend to feel a wee bit anxious in crowds. Arthur does his fair share of tail-tucking (don’t tell anyone). Maybe they have rubbed off on me(or more likely vice-versa). Nevertheless. we can weather (and enjoy) any pooch-paked social event K9-Connection puts on. The other night Pearl even whispered in my ear, “Daddy, K9-connection is fun!” then Arthur wagged his tail.


62Bradley & Buster

K9-Connection continues to provide new and great opportunities for pet guardians and their buddies to enjoy social opportunities. Not only are the ideas great, but the locations selected are well thought out and very dog friendly. I’ve always had a great time and my pup enjoys meeting new friends and sniffing old ones as well!!