Fellow dog lovers,

I started K9-Connection because I love people, and my dog. I quickly realized that among my many great relationships, I had an undeniably common denominator – our dogs.

By nature, many dog owners are loyal, compassionate, responsible, caring and fun like their canine counterparts. This combination of attributes has proven to have a huge effect on millions of dog lovers who share a sometimes unspoken bond.

K9-Connection is a social and event-based organization that connects people and their dogs. Dogs are great social facilitators, having your canine at your side removes the awkward small talk and pressure of meeting new people. Studies support that people who are with their dogs are much more likely to be relaxed and carefree, and just be themselves.

As a professional in social services, I have personally witnessed the powerful impact a dog can have on a person’s well-being. Just ask anyone who met my crazy and loveable “Blue Tick” hound dog, Belle (proudly modeling below).

Whether you’re a busy professional, a transplant from another city or a local dog lover, K9-Connection is the no-pressure way to have a laugh and meet people with something meaningful in common. It’s also a great networking opportunity, so bring your card if you’re so inclined.

Angie Gwiazdon is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist & Co-Founder of Caspersen Therapy Center. She lives in MInneapolis, MN with her husband Tom, 2 daughters Addison & Stella and new hound Milo.


In Loving Memory of our sweet hound Belle who passed away 9/18/2011.


At our events, you may find an adoptable dog, sign up for a foster care opportunity, or win a raffle prize that benefits a local charity. K9-Connection is committed to promoting awareness, community involvement, and donating a portion of its proceeds to local charities and animal shelters.

Email: agwaiz@yahoo.com